To me, Sunday has always been a special day. A day to renew the spirit and reconnect with God and family. Sunday’s around our house are usually lazy days spent reading, resting, and praying. We generally eat a big family meal, and when I say big I mean big… we’re feeding 10 now, so meals are twice what I’m used to… but that’s okay, because a family of 10 has a lot of love to go around.

I think today I just feel like reflecting on things as they are… I feel like looking over choices and changes of the past months and praying for guidance in future endeavors. I feel like listening to some really, really good music… and the song that really comes to mind for me today is this one:

It reminds me of how I am… a drifter on a dead-end road, trying to find my way back home to get to God.

Lord knows I’ve spent much of my life drifting, floating, waiting, wondering and trying to find just the right way to live to make myself feel closer to Him.

I’ve learned that spending time with Him, immersing myself in His Word, praying faithfully – about everything, and trusting that things will be accomplished in His timing. I’ve found it much easier to relax and just “let God”.

So on this Sunday – take time to share things with your family – make it a day of rest and prayer, and above all love your Lord with all your heart!


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