It’s been a busy week and I thought I’d go ahead and start doing my weekend wrap-up again.

So, the week began uneventfully – we actually had not much going on. Haven’t heard much from Our Guy in a couple of weeks, and Our Girl has been curbing her attitude and working really hard to stay cool regardless of what’s going on in her world. Thankfully… she even handled the disappointment of having to reschedule a doctor’s appointment with a decent amount of “hold it togetherness”.

Now, the hubs oldest on the other hand has been a nightmare in the making all week. Let me just explain that since his grandpa died (whom he’s lived with since he was 1) he’s been in a virtual whirlwind. His grandmother is nuts, well maybe not so much nuts as senile. But her senility is worse because she was a mean one to begin with. So twice this week she’s thrown him, his wife, and the baby out on their butts – only to ‘forget’ and apologize a few hours later. Then of course we were told that she was letting the bank take back the house and she was moving into her old house in North Carolina. Of course this is not something she’s competent to do – someone else, her other son, has power of attorney and makes those decisions. So that proved to be a falsity. Of course the week before she hit both him and his wife, AND decided that the son that was taking care of her POA was screwing her over… it’s just one thing after another, and nothing but drama that I really don’t need.

We were supposed to take a trip to Kokomo on Thursday, but the Lord intervened, and we are truly thankful that he did. Seems that the rain and non working windshield wipers actually served a true purpose because we woke up fully planning on going, but the weather changed our minds. Not 10 minutes after we changed our minds we discovered a major leak in the pluming in the upstairs bathroom when my bestie’s husband commented that he had just been dripped on. We raced upstairs to find this:

100 year old galvanized metal... yay

Leaks everywhere, in 100-year-old galvanized pipes.

So, instead of the trip to Kokomo we’d already cancelled we spent our day plumbing in a space the size of a dog kennel:

So here is the way we take out pipes, take out pipes, take out pipes....

Fighting with the pipes...

More fighting... gosh these suckers are rusty!

But when we were done – we had this:

Finished job - looks like a pro did it, huh?

Yeah… we were both exhausted… and it only took two trips to the plumbing supply to get the job done – who says women can’t do a man’s job? Well, they won’t say it around me, or they might just find a pipe wrench applied to their necks… lol

Friday however dawned bright and clear so our trip to Kokomo was back on and boy were we ready for it! A day of no kids, lunch out at a great place – the Hibachi Grill – if you’re ever in Kokomo, Indiana I definitely recommend it! Not only is it a beautifully decorated place, from the fountain at the entrance:

Fountain at the entrance! Complete with Koi!

To the bathroom doors:

The Sushi bar was gorgeous and kept well stocked:


Even the lighting was fantastic:

Chandelier was beautiful!

There was only one bad thing about the whole place, and I have to tell you guys – I’ve never seen anything like it before…

Is this not the scariest baby you've ever seen???

Yeah, the scary baby on the changing station was the only thing I had to complain about.

So we accomplished not only getting little man’s SSI straightened out, but we at a great lunch AND got to spend a few hours wandering about my favorite place to look at stuff I really want and can’t have the Hobby Lobby!

All in all, it’s been a great week… Let’s hope that after a relaxing weekend, next week goes well too!


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