I’m not cut out for this…

I love my kids, I really do y’all… but I am ready to put every one of them out on the street. I have to pull them kicking and screaming out of bed at noon to listen to them complain about doing stuff that should have already been done. They gripe that they’re bored, but when I suggest they do something productive like vacuum or sweep or even just pick something up, they whine that it won’t do anything for the boredom. I’m sorry but I so did not sign on to be a maid for three adults!
Then you add on the stress my son in law is bringing, and it’s a wonder I’m not in the hospital. I mean seriously… he had been caught cheating twice once when she was pregnant with my grandson. Again recently, which prompted my daughter to kick him out of the house for a while. Now to his credit, ( minimally) he did get his act together for a short time and got a job… but then they ran out of work for him and it’s back to the same thing. My daughter working to support him and the baby all while pregnant with their second baby. The stress has already caused her to have one trip to the er with cramps and spotting…. then she discovers that he is at least shopping to cheat again! I want to make him go away, I want her to see how wrong for her this is.. how much more valuable she is than this. But it’s not my life, is hers… and the time to tell her how to live it has long passed. I can only love and support her and the babies and hope she wakes up to the truth soon. Eventually she will have her fill of it and she’ll leave him. That time cannot come soon enough for this tired mommy!

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3 thoughts on “I’m not cut out for this…

  1. I don’t think any of us are cut out for some of the things that life brings our way but somehow, someway we seem to always get through the hard times. Hang in there…you and your family will be in my prayers. Hugs

  2. I always thought that at some point my kids will grow up and my responsibilities as a mother will end but I realize now that its a life long commitment! I hope you manage to find some peace for yourself whenever you can.

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