A post with no title

Yeah, I’m going with that title… it’s kind of how I’m feeling these days. My life seems very full, but I feel empty. I know this will indeed pass… but right now out feels pretty awful.
I’m stuck at home with little man ( who just turned 16) because we’re waiting for insurance to start paying for his meds… so he’s not on anything right now… this makes for long days full of frustration and stress… that helps the fibro, let more tell ya..NOT
Our guy has decided that 17 is an adult and has been openly defiant, deliberately disobedient, and damned poor company.
Our girl is now 18, and believes that household chores are now beneath her… I can’t even get a dish washed without a 30 minute argument about how she’s the only one doing anything around here. Funny, because I do more in the five hours I’m up while she sleeps till three than she does in a week… while keeping a two year old quiet enough for my night working dh to sleep!!
I feel unloved, under appreciated, and just plain tired.
Is it wrong to want to resign????

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