Wow… the drama

Well, our lives are never what we want them to be, are they? This week has been one of those weeks that has had me in a perpetual state of WTF? Seriously!

It all started on Thursday last week, when our water was turned off because apparently, instead of being in our landlords name as we thought – it had been turned on illegally by the former tenant… ok – so this shouldn’t be so bad, easy peasy phone call – right? Ummmm nope, not in Louisville, KY… not at all. No this was to be a drama that has yet to be resolved.

On Wednesday of last week I emailed copies of our lease, id’s and Shawn’s SS card – of course mine is missing because I needed it! LOL The water company called and said the email wasn’t good enough, they needed to actually SEE the documents, so Thursday when the water went off we trudged down to the water company with the documents in question, at 4:30… by 4:35 we knew we weren’t getting water any time soon because we had to have my SS card, because even if my name wasn’t on the lease they needed to have my card since I live here… they have to see it for anyone over 18… (thank god they don’t know yet about the two adult children living here… ); Anyway, they refused to even review our stuff  without mine and the Social Sec. office was closed by this time, they told me just to get the letter from there on Friday and it would be processed then… Funny thing about Friday though – it was Veterans Day… ummm yeah, no SS office for me! On Monday we got that taken care of and sent in. They called today – I still have to have $30 to get it turned on in my name… well damn – Thursday I had$30 – today, I have bunko. Thank God for my sister in law who came through with a quick loan and our water should be on tomorrow… which is a great thing, because our dear son Our Guy really needs it… because dear readers I have even more drama to tell you about… drama which is still unfolding and has prompted our family to visit three of Louisville’s hospitals in the last 3 days!

So… Sunday afternoon Our Guy comes running in the house holding his hand against his stomach with his shirt yelling “Mom, Call 911 – this is really bad”… now being a mom in a city, my first thought was “Oh wow, someone has stabbed/shot my child”…. Nope, nothing as heinous as that – but still quite gruesome. It seems he found some teenagers to play football with. Harmless fun, right? Well, yes I suppose on a regulation football field that is regularly policed for debris… but a game of tackle football in an abandoned playground is probably not the best idea. At least not to my way of thinking – and I am pretty darn sure that our guy agrees at this point.

What was wrapped in the shirt, you ask?

Well, his finger – specifically the index finger of his right hand – at least what was left of it. Ya’ll this is not even remotely good! Apparently, Our Guy was running and got tripped, tackled, hit or something and hit the dirt sliding – well, that isn’t so bad, right? Well I guess it isn’t unless there is an 8 inch shard of glass embedded in the ground right where my son’s hand landed… and it’s probably not so bad if said glass hadn’t acted as a fillet knife all up on my baby’s finger…

I’m so not a squeamish person, but ya’ll I nearly fainted when Shawn sent me photos from the hospital! He literally took every bit of skin off the side of his index finger down to the knuckle… yep all the way.

He got to come home from the hospital Sunday, and yesterday was seen at yet another hospital by a hand specialist, who because we don’t have insurance, sent  us to another specialist at yet another hospital, this time the University of Louisville Medical Center.  The doctor came in an took a look, squeezed, prodded, and checked range of motion – after giving my son a loritab and a valium… and promptly decided that he needed a Skin Graft! Soooooo…. tomorrow we go in for preop, they’re going to evaluate the rest of his body and determine where to get the new skin from; then on Friday they’re going to cut a thin slice of him off and attach it to his finger.

I just cannot believe how badly damaged his finger is ya’ll – they’ve told us that if he does not have this surgery on Friday he could lose use of his finger totally because the wound will contract as it heals, pulling the finger in to a permanently bent position. Well, Our Guy is only 17 – I can’t allow that to happen, so it’s surgery we do!

I just hope that the rest of my week is drama free – this mama can’t take any more!



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