To New Beginnings

Moving sucks… just getting that out there.

Now that the worst is over and we’re securely in a home in Kentucky, I’ve got a lot to do. First I have to get the boys enrolled in school and their insurance changed so that Little Man has his meds.  Then I gotta figure out how to get Our Girl enrolled in GED classes so she can get that out-of-the-way and get a job.  Of course then there is Jon who has to get his ID before he can get work… all this while looking for employment myself.

However, the nice part of this whole move has been that we’ve been so very blessed with things just ‘happening’. Its pretty awesome actually. I made at least 10 calls while we were in the hotel to find a place to live that would accept us with no employment, 3 special needs kids, 5 dogs, and a cat… Yeah… go ahead those of you who are landlords and cringe – I’m your worst freaking nightmare… I know. But there are still people in this world willing to give others a chance – and in a city too! The FIRST phone call Shawn made resulted in a property for us to look at. We came, looked and fell in love. Guys… it has a RED freaking door!

"Our House... in the middle of our street"

We really didn’t think we stood a chance at this place because she had 5 other families WITH jobs, less impaired children, and fewer dogs come look the same day… but just a few hours after coming back to the hotel from looking (and a little down because we really liked this house) we got a phone call… and! Yep… out of all the other people they decided to take a chance on us. It cost us an extra months rent to get in – but it was worth it – our rent isn’t due now till January 1 – and I have an AWESOME freaking house! Its 3 bedrooms with a full basement. All of the rooms are HUGE – very unlike southern houses where rooms are tiny. I would say it’s close to 2,000 sq ft.  without the  basement… plenty of room for my little family.

Another blessing? Well.. Shawn just got a job today, and I have had a couple of opportunities present themselves as well. Right now, I’m acting as a “nanny” for my grandson and Little Man… but soon I will rejoin the working world and be one more paycheck closer to getting on our feet.

Well… for now this is all, I have a sweet 2-year-old tugging on my arm saying “c’mon gammy” I think it’s playtime!


One thought on “To New Beginnings

  1. Happy for you! Very nice house and I like the red door. It is a lot of work to move and so many things to be done but it sounds like you are making great progress. Congrats on the job! Hope it all works out wonderful for him. Hugs

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