Down South

Whew… what a week, what a month, what a year so far!!

I know, I’ve been totally remiss in updating and I am sorry – but oh my folks, you just don’t understand what Tax Season does to us folks in this business!

With that said – I thought I’d just share some of the things that have been going on Down in our little corner of the South….

Our girl has broken up with and gotten back together with A since the last time I posted… go figure – teenage romance!

Our guy has managed to not only bring home A’s and B’s on his report card but is now the manager of our soccer team at school – a fact we’re very pleased about… He’s also being vetted for a position on the board for Youth M.O.V.E  National – it’s a program founded by and for kids with mental, emotional, or physical challenges and its premise is to shape leaders of tomorrow. He impressed them so much when we went to CA a couple of years ago that they’re still talking about him and his talent! We couldn’t be prouder.

Jackie and Josh are doing well with the little guy in KY – we had a minor scare (she thought there might be a lil brother or sister coming ), but otherwise things are good! Josh got a job and they’re saving for their first apartment.

I’ve just been working my little fingers to the bone, in hopes to get hired permanently here! It would be awesome!

We finally got Shawn’s doctor appointment for his Social Security and man was it scary! They took his blood pressure when he got there and it was 194/134… ummmm that’s what is considered a “Hypertensive Emergency”… meaning he could have easily had a stroke or heart attack with that blood pressure. They did manage to get it down some, and they gave him some meds to take home… but wow – scary stuff going on there! Hoping we get a ruling soon so he has some insurance to get to the doctor on!

Everything else is crazy and I don’t even know where to start, except that I’ll be posting more later this week!


Happy Monday!

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