Tales from Technical Support: Another fine day

Last week I had this adorable customer on the phone. He seems good natured, and more than a little pleased with the “sweet southern accent” he hears when he calls our Georgia office. He says he’s been doing taxes for years – but he’s new to our program, and basically clueless.

So, last week he and I worked on getting one of his returns completed and ready. When we finished, it was ready to send minus just a couple of small things he was going to work on getting.

Today he called back, with and untold number of corrections necessary to fix it. And I got the call. And we got it fixed, again… There was something in the return that I wanted to check on, and I told him I’d call him back with an answer. When I called him back, he had errors again… close to 20 of them! He had gone in and changed things and messed around with the calculations until he had screwed the whole thing up! It took another hour of my time to fix it.

Of course I could think of less pleasant people to speak to on the phone… some of the customers of the former company I worked for  – they could just be downright mean! But of course I would probably be mean too if I had to wait on the phone for 5 or 6 hours to get help. Here it’s not like that. Our customers don’t have to wait, they’re helped pretty much immediately.

So we get the return fixed… again… and I advised my dear customer to save and close it, and to not touch it until February when it can be filed. I hope he listens…  really, I do.

Technical support: where ID 10 T errors = job security


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