I’m supposed to be in the shower

Yeah, right now… that’s where I’m supposed to be… but at the moment? I’m sitting here on my computer writing this…
I guess that’s what work does to one…
I managed to pull off a 12 hour shift on Tuesday, after working 8 the day before. For someone not used to getting up and getting dressed every day this has been an interesting week. I’m sure there will be more overtime in the coming days… and weeks. That’s the thing about tax time – we get a lot of hours. We stay busy. We get tired… very very tired.
I wound up having a nasty flareup too, starting last Sunday night. My shoulder started getting sore when I would move my arm a certain way – by the time I woke up Monday, the pain and numbness carried through my entire arm. Then on Tuesday my neck started, my arm felt some better, just the residual pain but my neck was killing me!
It did the same thing yesterday, but I didn’t have to work… so it got some rest and today it’s much better! YAY me! One more flare out of the way… it’s going to be a long tax season!
I hope dear readers, that you are all staying warm. I have been doing my best to do so… and hope that it continues. Although – there was something in the forecast about snow tomorrow here… not something I really like to hear! I’m so ready for Spring its not even funny!
Okay, I’ve really got to go get in the shower now! Hopefully, sometime in the next couple of days I’ll be entertaining you with some interesting stories from work!


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