Oh how long the days may be…

Ok people, let me just say this… I am truly sorry. I haven’t forgotten about you… and I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve just been really busy working. I did 2 weeks of training, and have been working for 3 weeks since then. Its amazing just how fast time flies when you’re working every day. So… I will not promise to post “every day”. I will say that I’m going to make a valiant effort to post more often, and more quality posts when I do. I just can’t guarantee that they’ll be daily… or that they’ll be weekly.

So, to give you all a bit of an update on how things are going with us since I started working… Hmmm… where to start?

Lets see, since I have been ‘away’, Jackie, her husband, and the baby have left and moved back to Kentucky. They say they’ll be back after they get a car and stuff… but I know that won’t last, because there really isn’t much work here for anyone right now. So… I miss the baby and I miss my daughter and I’m a little sad… but I am okay with it, because I in fact can “put on my big girl panties” and deal with it!

Our girl is still with A. They’re doing well, and he’s supposed to be enlisting in the Army soon. I’m pleased with this decision. It gives them some very much needed space apart from each other that’s not forced by us. As in… she’s not grounded so its all good that she can’t see him and I don’t have to suffer every waking moment of every day he’s gone. I know I’ll hear some tears and I can totally deal with that – it’s the “You are ruining my life because I screwed up and you grounded me for a week and my entire life will end because of it thank you very much” type of not seeing him I can’t stand.

Our guy is doing very well in school. He was struggling with algebra the first part of the year, and just didn’t “get it” at all. I kept telling him that once he got it, he would never, ever believe that he wasn’t able to get it before… I also told him that people like me, and him generally don’t really ‘get’ math, because we’re not ‘math people’… we’re wordsmiths. We do not equate numbers, fractions, or any other thing that can be equated mathematically. We work with words and images and text and paper and pencils to convey our feelings and intelligence. I never met a math problem I could solve! But, Our Guy is nothing if not adamant about good grades and he kept pushing himself to understand, and you know what… it worked. He finally got it. The child made an 80 on the final in the class, bringing his grade up from a dismal D to an impressive B in one fell swoop. I was so proud of him… and he then told me something that made my day… I was right, he said “You know mom, you were right, I can’t believe I didn’t get it before! It’s so easy!!!” I’m glad he gets it – for I dear readers am a lost.cause. I will never get Algebra… mostly because I don’t like it, nor do I ever use it, therefore – not going to learn it. But the other part of me, the word oriented part of me refuses to accept the addition of letters to numbers in math problems. I mean, letters are meant to create words, paint a picture, tell a story… Not figure out how many miles Lucy has to go before she loses thirty two tomatoes on the way to market if she is dropping one tomato a mile and the trip is 112.9 miles.  I don’t care about Algebra, another good reason not to learn it. And for me it’s just algebra… I get Accounting, Bookkeeping, Pharmacology, and even some geometry.

So, on to the Little Man. He’s not doing so great, but they’re still trying to get him sent home with a therapist that will come and work with him daily in order to get him home. I think I’d really like that… but I don’t want it to be too hard oh him. He was not able to come home for Christmas, nor his birthday – even though I did bake him an awesome birthday cake:

the photo isn’t so great, but it’s a snake on a stump with a turtle crawling up the side. It was pretty darned cool. I made a layer cake for the stump and filled it with chocolate butter cream and raspberry filling. Needless to say, it didn’t taste as good as it could have if he’d been here.


The photos are crappy, I know – I had to sell my camera during our time of unemployment and have yet to be able to get a new one, so I’m using our nearly broken video camera and snagging photos from the movies… *sigh*

Otherwise, things have been going well – we’re nearly back on our feet now at least regular obligation wise. Bills are getting paid before services are disconnected these days, so that says something there!

I cannot say how much I love my job. I work with some of the best people in the world, and they’re folks I worked with at my former job, so there is no “getting to know” my coworkers, I’ve known them all for years and we all work together very well. Things are getting really busy for us as the IRS opens up e-filing today. Things will be crazy, and you guys will probably hear stories about how someone called wanting to know how to claim their cat as a dependent or something equally as stupid. For now, suffice it to say that I am content and happy where I am right now and things are looking up!

And in most recent news, we’ve been under a wintery white blanket of snow for the last three days. We do not live in the north. We in fact do not live in an area that gets snow very often at all. It is insanity that we’re experiencing colder temperatures than freaking Denver these days… and we’re describing temps in the 40’s as a heat wave! Hopefully the white stuff will melt, because our schools have been closed since before the first snowflake fell, and our guy really wants to go back to school! They have been to school 1 day since the week before Christmas, and that’s just not cutting it with our guy!

Well, I’m off to bed for another day’s work!


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