Exciting Weekly Wrap Up…

Whew! What a freakin week this has been! I mean, super good too! It’s the best week I’ve had in a LONG time and I can’t wait to share the details with you guys!

Of course the amazingness started last week, when I had a job interview… I haven’t even had so much as a nibble in over a year, so an interview – well that’s just the stuff Cloud 9 is made of, ya’ know?

Little Man (who by the way is not so little) came home for the day on Wednesday! It was so nice to have him here!

It was amazing, ya’ll! He was a totally different boy! He was able to maintain and do things with his brother – he went for a walk, played video games, even held conversations with the family! It was incredible, because these were all things we couldn’t trust him to do before… He would run off and get freaked out on walks, cry and complain during video games, and conversations were comprised of a lot of fantasy and not much reality… but not this time… this time he was almost… well, normal. That’s a HUGE blessing itself.

Next, I got an e-mail Friday about the job I interviewed for… and I GOT THE JOB! Yep, I have a job! I start December 1 and I honestly cannot wait! It’s going to be awesome! I will be doing Customer Technical Support for a tax software company again, and that’s where my heart (and mind) lie… It’s what I did for five years, and what I love to do… So… back to work for me!

The grandbaby, JJ got sick Saturday night… scared the pure living bejesus out of all of us… He was up all night Friday… and I do mean ALL night – no nap Friday, and up till 6 am… then a short 2 hour nap and up again at 8! We decided to keep him up all day in hopes that he’d be tired enough to sleep all night Saturday. Around 7 he was sleepy and trying to pass out in his high chair so I gave him a bath. Not long after his bath, his mom noticed blood coming out of his ear! We immediately got him to the ER – middle ear infection! We felt so bad that we didn’t notice it, but he never acted sick… just wouldn’t sleep. He’s doing just fine now, eating and sleeping well again, and taking his medicine like a trouper.

So yeah… it’s been one heck of a week. I go in Wednesday this week for orientation and a drug test… then training the week after (20 hours a week for 2 weeks), then December 1 is  my first week of real honest work in almost 2 years. Now if we can just keep the water on and the dogs fed till then we’re good. I’ve got to figure out how to come up with $115 for the water in the next week and a half. The dogs are easy – I can make the money for that online, the bill is another thing. We shall see how that works out. *sigh*. Otherwise, things are really, really looking up, up, up! For that I am eternally grateful!


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