I have been remiss…

In updating about Little Mans progress, and I think I should do just that. For those of you who don’t know who Little Man is, he’s our youngest son, who has been basically institutionalized for the last 10 months. He is severely emotionally disabled and developmentally delayed.

We got a call from Mr. M his therapist this past week, and it looks like we’ve hit BLUE! Blue in PRTF speak is the highest level of behavior. It’s the “if you keep it up, you can go home” level… and little man, well little man is there! We’re talking about a HOME VISIT ya’ll! Mr. M is gonna try to bring him to see us next week sometime. He’ll stay and observe what goes on with him and the others in the house, and evaluate how he interacts with all of us. Of course, he has to maintain blue for a week before he can do this. We’re really hoping this time he can do it – we’ve had so many starts and stops with him… but he sounds determined to make a go of it this time!

I’m apprehensive, but I’m looking forward to visiting with him immensely! Let’s just hope this goes well!


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