Yep, I’m still alive

But oh my it’s been busy around here. I had a job interview this week… for a REAL live job! One in which I dress in nice clothing and shoes and leave the house every day! It would be awesome to actually work again. It’s been almost 2 years, and I would love a job! I miss working every day, and don’t like sitting home doing nothing.

Also, keeping up with the wild child has been rather interesting. He’s learning SO much, and we are so proud of him. He has started saying “I love you” and “Big Boy” from time to time… he also talks a lot of gibberish that’s trying to be words. He’s too precious!

Next up the teenagers…

Our Girl has stopped associating with us completely. She stays up all night in her room, then gets up to call A to come get her, then she leaves and stays gone till midnight… she then gripes at us because we don’t spend any time with her. She complains that we don’t have enough room in our house for her to hang out with us comfortably. She’s jealous of her older sister and brother in law… she feels like her place has been taken up by Jackie. Even though I’ve told her a million times, I don’t love her any less because they’re here… she got years with me that should have been Jackies, yet she doesn’t appreciate it or care that NOW Jackie is here and we’re trying to establish a good relationship, one we should have had years ago. One that was stolen from us. Now that I’m trying to reestablish this relationship, and Our Girl is so upset that we get along. She complains that we never “do anything fun” with her, but she’s never here during the hours which fun things would take place. I know it’s just a phase she’s going through, and I know it’s just an adjustment process. She’s not used to having a sister to share me with, she did this when the boys showed up too.

Our Guy is doing well, and has been such a joy to have around! He’s grown up so much over the last couple of months, it’s amazing. He is so much more mature than I ever expected of him at 16. Funny Halloween story with him… we took little bit (the grand baby) trick-or-treating and Our Guy went with… we stayed about an hour. When we got ready to come home, Our Guy wanted to stay out… it was about 7 and not yet dark so we told him to go on, after all at 16 Jonathan was running the roads and gave us no reason to mistrust. At 9 our phone rang – Our Guy’s curfew is not till midnight… it was him – ready to come home. So at 9:30 on Halloween night, he came home to hang out with us. It was fun!

The adult “kids” got to dress up and go to a show for Halloween. The guys dressed as girls and Jackie was a “Dark Fairy”… as you can see – it was humorous!

This is Jack and Jeni actin the fool… her eyes turned out so cute! I’m rather proud of it!

And here are my three “daughters” LOL The boys actually made pretty good girls for Halloween!

And because I couldn’t resist – our little Punk Rock hero! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


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