Well, a decision has been made that will work out best for everyone. If you aren’t sure what the heck I’m talking about, check out my earlier post here.

Anyway… my daughter has decided that she needs to go with him and do this. But she cannot do this with a baby. It’s too emotional a situation, too much going on, and too hard on a little guy to try and deal with everything that’s going on. Not only that, but his grandmother isn’t getting any better… she’s gong to get worse as time wears on, and it will get harder to care for her.

So, we’ve come to a decision. The baby will stay here with us. He will go out there and visit once a month for a week so that he can spend time with his parents and his great grandmother. When he’s not there, Jackie can concentrate on caring for Josh’s grandmother which is what she wants to do. She is so torn, and so worried about all of this, and everyone involved is relieved that we’ve made this decision; it’s easier on everyone.

Well, everyone that is, but me. But that’s alright too. I can manage just fine – heck, I raised three from infants and have four more steps. It’s all good. They have somewhere the baby can stay and be cared for. “MeMaw” will have caretakers. They will be getting a car out of the deal, which is something they really, really need. His dad is helping him out with a job for the time they’re there. When they come back home, they might even be able to hop right up on their feet and able to build their house back behind us.

We’re happy to be able to help them out. Family should be able to do this for each other. As long as my daughter is happy, and feels she’s making the right choice, I’m good.



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