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Hello again! I know it’s been a while since I posted, but man has life got me by the tail these days. Things are in a whirlwind and some days I just want to stop the ride so I can puke get off.  But alas, life doesn’t do that for us, so I have to continue this E ticket baby right to the end. So… with that said, I’m participating in this weeks writers workshop over at Bloggy Moms. If you haven’t been there yet – you really should go, it’s a wonderful supportive community for moms who blog.

This week’s topic is “Just because…. doesn’t mean…” and this one hit home hard. See something major is happening here, and it fits perfectly. So… without further ado –

Just because we’re married, doesn’t mean I’m going to go halfway across the country for your family.

Sound selfish? Hmmm… well let me add some clarity.

Just a couple of months ago, my baby came to live with me. She’s 19, married, and mother to my adorable grandson. As most of you know, my son-in-law’s grandmother is ill and he wound up heading to Texas last month because she was at deaths door. Fortunately, she did not pass, and they’ve given her another 6 months or so to live. He came home, and all was hunky dory… until last night.

His mother called, she wants them to head out to Texas to take care of her while her husband is away.  She wants THEM to go 1,000 miles with a baby to take care of HER mother. She wants him to get a job and Jackie to stay home and take care of a 16 month old, and a dying woman. Ummm… well – I’ve got issues with this.

First of all, Jackie has been taking care of old people since she was 14. She quit school to take care of her Granny. Secondly, they have uprooted this baby and moved him from place to place no less than four times since he was born. Thirdly – she doesn’t want to move again. She doesn’t want to give up the friends, support, and comfort of home to go halfway across the country to no support, a dying woman she doesn’t know, and the stress of raising a child in that situation. She wants to get her GED, start Cosmetology school, and make something of her life. She’s only 19. Just because she married him doesn’t mean she has to go to hell and back for him.

She says she’s not doing this. She doesn’t want to do this. She thinks that his mom (who is currently unemployed) should go with him and do this, not her. Let her stay here and raise the baby in a comfortable healthy environment. Let her get her education. Let her get her life started. Stop asking her to put her life on hold yet again for someone else. Its insane.  Just because she’s not working doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a full time job already. She is a mom. That’s a job in and of itself. It doesn’t need to be compounded by other things, other jobs…

So yeah… that’s it – my post, rant, whatever you call it. Just because… doesn’t mean…


3 thoughts on “Just because…. doesn’t mean….

    • Well, I happen to know that he doesn’t really want to go. But, its something he feels he needs to do. Obviously, I am a mother who doesn’t want her child to move away – but I also know that it’s not good to rip everyone out of their home for weeks/months. But we’re working through and figuring out what’s best for everyone.

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