Teenage Drama

Oh… ya’ll… help me please! Our girl will return home tomorrow, in full on crazy mode. She’s had a week at her Auntie’s house and suddenly she’s an adult… demanding that she be treated as an ‘equal’ around here. She hasn’t even made it home yet. She posted a pretty blunt status about how she hates coming home to the drama around here… Which I find rather funny because there hasn’t been the first bit of drama since she left.

Her brother has been awesome, even though he threw a fit before she left because he wanted to go. We haven’t had any issues. Of course it kind of helps that Jackies hubby has been gone all week too… but that’s beside the point.

Our Girl is ripe for drama, and itching for a huge blow out fight… I can tell by her attitude and her demeanor.

What’s going to surprise her is the total lack of response on our parts. Nobody here is planning on reacting to anything she does. We’re not going to let her get drama started… if we can help it. We’re going to work out a plan to get things done, and we’re sticking to that – she can do her part, or deal with the consequenses… no drama, no argument.

It’s been so peaceful here this week. We spent the entire week with Our Guy out of school and it was really a good week. We truly enjoyed ourselves.

She doesn’t understand that she brings drama to us. Everything is a mountain with her… even the tiniest ant hill. She makes an issue out of everything… and she wants us to do the same. I know it’s the bi-polar, I know that she can’t help a LOT of it… but oh my – she let’s it get out of hand immediately… always. She tries to work herself up into a major tiz, and I know that’s how she’ll be blowing through the doorway.

I can only hope that the lock on my bedroom door is strong enough to keep her out! Because ya’ll, I’m hiding till the storm blows itself out!



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