Me and my dumb self

So… today was needless to say not a good day.

Just for starters we had issues getting my son in law home, the kids were hours late getting there to get him… and he was pretty pissed off.

While we were waiting… and waiting, and waiting for them to get home, we did some constructing, rearranging and turning this puppy into a four bedroom… actually – five, if you count the “sheet walls” we put up in Jackie and Joshes room.

Anyway, I was out getting stuff out of the shed, to help make things look good in the kids room, and I came in carrying a bag. The bag handle kind of grabbed the doorknob,and kind of flipped the door back and when it did – it hit this piece of counter top I have behind the door. This countertop , which weighs about 20 pounds falls on my leg… then slides down onto my foot.

Ya’ll this hurt like hell! I’m not even kidding.


The top part is where the counter connected with my shin. It’s bruised pretty bad. Then the big scrape on my foot… yeah. It sucks, and tomorrow – its gonna HURT! 😦


Oh well, at least we got a lot done! More to come tomorrow!


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