An interesting turn of events…

So, I get a phone call on Wednesday… from Wal-mart. They wanted to know if I was interested in coming in for a temporary cashier position – and if I could do that one day this upcoming week. So I expect to hear from them again on Monday to give me a date for my ‘interview’. Yeah – so it’s temporary, and probably seriously part-time, but it’s a job… and it will help pay some bills.

That’s kind of exciting itself – after 16 months without a job, it’s nice to feel wanted… even if it is just down the street at the local warehouse store.

But then… then while shopping at Wal-mart the next day, I see a friend from my former employer. We’ll just call her Miss S. Miss S tells me that another friend from our former employer, who left back in August – before the company moved out of our town, is the general manager of a new office of the same type as our former employer. (Geez I hope this makes sense)! Anyway… I come home and send Miss K an e-mail. I told her that a little birdie told me that she was employed by this new company, and if so – what were my chances of getting involved?

Well, people, let me tell you… she had already seen my resume!!! Yeah – I was dumbfounded when she told me that she was planning to call me next week or so to let me know they were finally hiring! They’re being handled by an employment service in our Big City. But… everything I need to do for the agency, can be handled online or in the office here. I have to fill out their application and pass a ‘test’; the test is just general information about computers, networking, taxation, and stuff I know. She figures I won’t have a problem passing it with ease. Heh… Right now there are only 14 temporary jobs opening up. BUT historically this company has made permanent positions available after the season is over. It’s a Monday through Friday 8 to 4:30 job. In season – which is January through April they run a 24 hour shop. The difference between them, and the people we used to work for is they try to keep you from having to work a lot of overtime in season. No more mandatory 6o hour weeks, with no overtime pay. No more bringing work home on the weekends.

Granted, it’s temporary… but that’s fine. If it’s meant to be – it won’t stay temporary. It helps to pay the bills, and put a little into fixing up the house. It will definitely help a lot!

So wish me luck guys… our lives seem to be coming together – just in time!!!

have a great weekend!


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