So, here it is Thursday… of course it’s barely Thursday – 12:32.

We just got JJ back to bed, he’s not feeling well – everyone here is sick. Of course Our Girl went to her Auntie Nita’s – and now they’re sick too!

Our Guy is the only one who hasn’t gotten sick; and Josh of course, because he’s not here. He is still in Texas with his family. His grandmother is very sick. She is a cervical cancer survivor. However, her body was so badly ravaged by the cancer and the chemotherapy that her kidneys were damaged. Now, they’re not functioning real well. It’s sad, that she survived something so devastating only to have to go through something equally bad. Her daughter, Josh’s wonderful mom, Leslie is a match to her. But they don’t think that she could survive the transplant. And… with any cancer when oxygen is introduced  if there is just one cell, just one the whole mess could go insane and she would be riddled with it again.

Jackie is here with JJ and those of us not lucky enough to be at Nita’s, but she really misses her husband. Poor kid, she’s sick and alone. No fun!

I’m sick, beyond the rest of them of course. Isn’t that the way it always winds up? I’m the oldest so I guess I get to be the sickest! So very much not fun! I am truly hoping it doesn’t get worse. But generally a common cold with me turns into something very ugly – that usually resembles pneumonia. It’s early this year though – normally this doesn’t hit me until just about Christmas time.

We did hear some good news about Jackies friend Holly… She is awake – and today was very responsive and knew who was there with her. Tomorrow she will go in for surgery to repair her broken neck and I think her pelvis. She has been fighting horrible infection and did some “thrashing” as she woke from the coma. The doctors say that her movement is not as purposeful as they would like it to be, so there may be some degree of paralysis.. Nobody will know for sure until she gets a bit better.

Her boyfriend is doing MUCH better and they hope to release him soon.

Well, there you have it – Thursday!

Tune in later today for my Thursday Writers Workshop post with Mama Kat!


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