I don’t know guys, life is so freaking weird sometimes. It seems like every time you get good news, or something good happens, something bad comes along to try and steal your joy.

Our family has seen it’s share of bad luck… truthfully probably more than it’s fair share, but then again… what is fair about life? Right?

So… in the past week we have gotten word that our dear friend and former pastor Andy Mannes passed away on Sunday. After telling his family that he loved them, and to tell all his friends that he loves them too, he rolled over in his bed, and went to sleep. It was a peaceful end to weeks of unending pain and suffering. It was the way everyone prayed for it to be for him. He is healed, in a perfect body – rejoicing in the kingdom of heaven… He was blessed.

Of course, we cannot forget little Holly, my daughters friend, who is not doing so well. She is finally breathing on her own, which is good. She is no longer in a medically induced coma… she’s in a coma of her body’s own making. She has begun ‘thrashing’ behaviors.  This generally happens when the patient starts to wake up, and can go on for weeks – sometimes with so much violence that the patient has to be restrained to prevent them from hurting themselves. Sometimes they never wake up fully. Unfortunately, they are not sure if Holly will ever wake up. She wasn’t breathing when the ambulance picked her up. Brain death occurs within just a few minutes of being oxygen deprived. Combined with a severe head injury, the prognosis is not good for a full recovery. My daughter is devastated. She accepts the truth, but it hurts so bad. And we continue to pray for a miracle.

Our Girl decided to go spend a week at my sister-in-law, and left on Monday. She’s been having a wonderful time, and really enjoys being with her aunt.

Our Guy is off playing Halo Reach at his friends house, and has spent at least one night over there… I am assuming he’ll call soon and say he’s staying again. We shall see.

I have a dear friend from high school who has been battling breast cancer for a while now – once they thought it was gone, and a month ago discovered another lump… and now she’s in for a round of chemo to get it under control.

I just learned that my youngest daughter’s cousin, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, AND that her doctor was on a leave in the same week! She is in the process of obtaining a new doctor, and finding out what she has to do.

I’m really, really upset about the latest teen suicide. Tyler Clementi was only 18. Five other teens, ages 19, 15, and 13 have taken their own lives in the last five weeks. Why? Because they’re being bullied. They are being bullied because they are gay. Because they don’t ‘fit in’ with the ‘norm’. They are not conforming to what society deems as comfortable and Okay. I and I’m not okay with this.

If you are a parent of a teenager, you really need to be asking questions. Especially if your teen seems ‘shy’ and ‘withdrawn’. Especially if when you ask how they are, the response is ‘fine’. If you are a parent of a child who seems to be angry, and mean to their siblings for apparently ‘no reason’… ask some questions.

Parents, please teach your children tat tolerance is important. That it’s okay to be different. That it’s okay for others to be different. Teach them that even though they aren’t the same – they are still people with feelings. They hurt just the same as your child, and they deserve to be treated as equally valuable.

Tragedy takes many, many forms. Whether it be suicide, school shootings, or becoming bullies themselves children react… and they are forever changed.  Remember this and let’s help our children learn to help each other, and reach out to those in need. Even the bullies.


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