Making choices

Today is supposed to be my day to post a writers workshop post… but I’ve got too much on my mind right now to formulate a post based on Kat’s topics… maybe once I get this off my chest, I’ll be able to.

So… most of you already know that my daughter’s best friend is hospitalized this week after a tragic car accident involving a drunk driver. This is not the first time our family has been touched by this type of tragedy… and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. Because as long as it’s legal to drink – there will be drunk drivers.

The problem I have with THIS particular tragedy, is these kids were… well, kids. No one but the driver of the other vehicle was over the age of 19. Two of the passengers had just graduated, one was a senior. They had their whole lives in front of them. Yet, because of bad judgment – they may not even live to see tomorrow.

It is tragic when it happens to anyone. It’s made doubly tragic by the fact that these were kids. 17, 18, and 19 year old kids. Someone made the choice to buy them alcohol. Someone provided it to them, be it a store clerk, or of age friend. Someone who thought it was harmless to give them what they wanted. Someone who thought “What’s it gonna hurt”. Today, that someone is feeling pretty damned guilty… I hope. Because that person, could have prevented the whole thing by saying NO.

As a mom, I’m at a loss. My baby girl is hurting for her friend. We don’t know if she’s going to make it through or not. We don’t know if she will even know who my daughter is when she wakes up… if she wakes up.

What I do know, is that the young man that was driving is currently in critical condition. Two other young people are in critical condition. One young woman, only 19 years old – lost her life. And another is hopefully being released from the hospital tomorrow. Then there is the innocent man in the other vehicle… probably on his way to work. His family had to take that phone call… his family had to hear the tragic news that their loved one might die…. because someone made the choice to provide alcohol to minors. Someone made the choice to drive while intoxicated. Someone chose not to call someone to drive them home, but to ride in a vehicle of which the driver was drunk.

It’s all about the choices you make in life. It’s all about making good decisions. Because you never know when your decision might affect the lives of people you don’t even know.

If you have teenagers, talk to them. If you have pre-teens, talk to them. If you have young children, prepare to talk to them. Let your kids see the result of something like this. Let them know what happens when you make the wrong choice. The life you save could be the one of someone you love… even your own.


3 thoughts on “Making choices

  1. I was just stopping by for a first time visit, when I just read your post. My heart goes out to your daughter and the families of all of these young adults in this tragedy. I hope you all will find the peace you need to go on.

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