Another fine week…


This has been one hell of a week, I’m telling ya’ll. I haven’t posted, because I haven’t been able to put words to paper this week. I’ve been pretty self absorbed in trying to figure out how our family is going to survive. I’ve been nursing some serious guilt about moving to this town to begin with, not to mention dragging my daughter and her family up here only to have no money and no way to get any right now. I have spent days worrying about diapers, baby Tylenol, and other items I might need.

So… I lost my muse, my desire to write. I forgot what I was writing for… I stopped doing the thing that always made me feel better. My words are what keep me grounded, stable, and strong.

So – I’m back, and I promise to get back to writing more often. I don’t know that I can do it every day… because the baby keeps me really busy, as does my ‘job’.

Until tomorrow!


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