Monday Minute – September 20

Monday Minute
1 – Have you ever lied on one of your Monday Minute answers?
Other than changing names to protect the notsoinnocent children in my house, No.

2 – What is on your bedside table?
Seriously? Umm 4 empty coke cans, 1 full coke can, 1 cup of coffee, 3 snack size packages of Hershey’s chocolate, 1 movie theater box of sweet tarts and 1 plastic 2 drawer storage container. I also have a lamp, the AC remote and a glass.

3 -Would you rather lose your sight or hearing?
This one is hard… but I think I’d have to say hearing… seeing my kids and grandkids is just too important. Besides, I hear too much anyway!

4 -Would you rather give up all forms of sexual contact for a year or give up your DVR for three months?
HAHAHAHA Seriously? Ummm… I don’t have a DVR… so I’ll just go right on ahead and give that up 😉

5 – Name one thing that you are proud that you’ve accomplished in life.
Now that they’re all ‘grown’ and pretty much on their own I can say that I’m proud to say that I raised three pretty awesome kids. My grandson is fortunate to have such a good mommy! They’d do anything for me… and I for them.

So – that’s it… Ian’s last Monday Minute… again. Stop on by the Daily Dose to link up… Next week our new hostess will be the lovely writer of Happily a Law Mama!


2 thoughts on “Monday Minute – September 20

  1. your nighstand answer HAS to be the funniest one yet! Girl, you have an entire pantry on there! hee hee

    Thanks for the link and we’ll hopefully see you next week for my first time hosting! Get excited!

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