Weekly Wrap Up, Sept 19 edition

Wow… it has been one hell of a week around here. I haven’t posted much because I’ve been working… well sort of. I’m actually ‘working online’. Not making much money, but a few bucks every day helps a lot! Anyway, on with my list of things I was doing other than posting…

  • Again… hella bad week here. I’ve had TWO fibro flares this week. They’re getting more intense each time now. Tonight as I type I can feel the muscles in my right shoulder starting to grip and pull. By morning my arm will be useless… again. I went through an episode
    trigger finger

    Image via Wikipedia

    of trigger finger on Tuesday in the left hand (thankfully) that I really thought was ‘it’. Last time this happened my doctors exact words were “next time this happens you’re having surgery” ummmm… no thanks! So I’ve been in a lot of pain – which makes me not want to post, or do anything at all.

  • Our girl passed her orientation class for BlueRidge Academy! She made a C which is really pretty good since she only got 4 days to complete the course as opposed to the 7 she should have had. Totally her fault – she missed the e-mail! But, we’re on track! Tomorrow we pick up the paperwork then have an interview for the school. Once that’s done they’ll see if she qualifies for a scholarship (she does) and then she’ll start. We figure about a week to get the process going! I’m really pleased at her progress… AND she got half a credit for the course, so now she only needs 5 to graduate! Can you say “Senior”!?!
  • Our guy went to homecoming with his girlfriend. They had the game last night, and the dance tonight. He went to both, and I must say – his girl was very cute. He did well, and is exceptionally happy tonight!

And… that’s about it for me, I’m off to sleep, perhaps to dream – in hopes of a pain-free morning!


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