Friday Follow September 17 edition

Happy Friday folks! I know… I know.. I’ve been strangely absent all week… that’s because I got a job people!

It’s not a huge deal really, I’m working online for a text message service. They pay me per query and I managed to make about $20 in 2 hours… so it’s not too bad. Anyway, I’ll catch you up a bit on what’s going on…

Our Girl takes her final exam for BlueRidge Academy today. If she passes, she will be fully enrolled and able to complete the 5.5 credits needed to graduate in no time! She’s technically a junior – but could be graduating in less than 6 months if she really tries! I’m really proud of her determination in this, and I can’t wait to see her diploma!

So, I can’t let a whole week go by without some shameless promotion of my darling grandson…

He is cutting his first molars and that toothbrush feels really good!

Happy Friday!


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