In Memoriam…

Thomas Richard Lendrum – Dec. 20, 1942 – Sept. 13, 1978

My daddy. I’ve written about him before – It Started with a Phone Call details my life during that time. I am going to use this post for memories…

Things I remember about my daddy…

Now this I don’t really remember persay… but my family tells about this moment. My grandpa Tom was coming home from a tour of duty in the Air Force… Daddy was running to meet him.Then his school years…

Then the Navy…

When I was three we went to the new Welcome Center for the interstate for my birthday – picnic style:

It was here I got the best kiss of my life:


Then there was the summer my aunt, Daddy’s sister came to visit…

The things I remember the most were never caught on film:

  • Weekends spent on the boat on the water fishing, swimming, and loving life.
  • Christmas made extra special by the time and effort spent on Christmas Eve to make a little girls dream come true for the Barbie Condo (with working elevator)…. the new bike with training wheels, the new bike without training wheels – the Christmas I discovered Daddy was really Santa…
  • He was swift to love and swift to punish – I will never forget the accidental launching of the dog… which resulted in the not so accidental spanking of the child…
  • He taught me patience and strength when navigating waters unknown to win race after race – winning the father daughter KayPasa Day trophy three times, and Commodore’s cup more than once – with his ‘little’ girl as crew.
  • He was a gentle soul, loved deeply by his family and friends. So many peoples lives were touched by him and his enduring love and friendship. He had much younger siblings that still think of him as a most wonderful brother in the world.
  • He taught me how to change the oil in a car when I was 8. I learned to change a tire by the time I was 10. Our project for the summer after he died was to rebuild a 1966 Mustang with my two older brothers to help.
  • He was dedicated to his family and my mother. Once when I was just a tiny baby, mom and dad were living in Cameron, LA. (shrimp town) Anyway, daddy came in from  a week long trip and wanted to go to the bar with the crew. Ordinarily that would be all well and good, but mom had been stuck alone with a new baby (I was less than 5 months old) for an entire week; the only adult she knew was going to leave her and go out… She didn’t yell or get mad, she just asked if he could find a night to go somewhere with her and I. Dad didn’t go out that night… and he never went anywhere without my mother ever again. Not because she nagged – because he wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. Of course, I rarely got left home either – I was always going to restaurants, stadiums, and parties… if I got left behind it was with my grandparents.
  • My parents relationship taught me what a marriage was supposed to be, and how spouses should treat each other… it gave me a shining example to follow.

I’m proud to be my father’s daughter, and even now – 32 years later I miss him still. I miss him to the bone… On occasion, I still cry. This year, I celebrate his life. I have connected with his family and am learning more about my heritage each passing day… for that I am thankful.

Thank you Daddy, for all you gave me… I miss you, and cannot wait to snuggle up in your arms on the day we meet again in heaven!


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