Weekly Wrap Up – Sept 12

Well… I survived my birthday without a hitch… I managed to do NOTHING all day and get away with it – even the kids cooked dinner. Except my oldest son Jon forgot that it was my birthday… but that’s not unusual – he’s a man…

So what’s been happening in Set in My Ways land this week? Not  much really… but here’s the wrap up:

  • Our girl seems to be doing rather well with the break up. She hasn’t called A or spoken to him since last Friday… we’re surprised, but very much supportive of her.
  • Our Guy got himself nicely grounded last weekend when he decided to come home 30 minutes late after not calling all day. Not something he’ll want to do again.
  • Our Guy’s birthday comes next Wednesday… I’ve got a nice cake idea for him – Native American! I think he’ll really like it.
  • I heard from everyone on my birthday except my grandmother. She passed wishes through other family… but its not the same. Its also not like she could forget – she was attending the birthday party of my adorable cousin who was born last year on my Birthday…. yeah. Oh well, I’ve always known that side of the family wasn’t the birthday wishes type…
  • This morning – after three months of traitorous living two doors down… the old lady returned. She met me at the door for ear scratches and food this morning!
  • I played around with some of my photos this week look at my grandson:

Check out those baby blues!!!

Happy Sunday!


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