Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthday Cake Cupcake

Image by clevercupcakes via Flickr

So yeah, sometime around 6am I will “officially” be 44 years old.

44. I guess I could be clever and say it’s my second 22nd birthday… but that only really counts on the  more auspicious birthdays…

32 =2nd 16th (OMG! I really can drive now)!

36 = 2nd 18th (Does this mean I’m twice as legal)?

40 = 2nd 20th (30 something no more)!

42 = 2nd 21st (Does this mean I can drink with both hands now)?

80 = 2nd 40th (My great-aunt on her 80th birthday, and the basis for my theory).

So today, I am 44. I am exactly twice the age I was when my second child was born.

As I look back over the last 44 years, I have learned and lived a lot. I thought that today, I would share some of the things I have learned with you.

  • You really never forget that first true love… even 20+ years later.
  • Your children are your most precious gift. Treasure each and every moment, because one day they’ll be grown.
  • Unhappy parents = Unhappy children. If you can’t get along, get away…
  • Life is too precious to tempt fate. Don’t abuse yourself, or allow anyone else to abuse you. You are worth much more than that, just ask your mom.
  • Life is too short to be unhappy. Find what makes you happy… and do it.
  • Love can happen at anytime. You don’t have to look for it, just be open to it.
  • Stay as young as possible for as long as possible… encourage your children to do the same.
  • Work isn’t work if it’s something you love. Figure out what you love to do… then find a way to get paid for doing it.
  • Start each day positively. Sing, pray, read… whatever helps you be upbeat.
  • Don’t dwell on the negative, always look for the silver lining.
  • Keep your “sunny side” up.

Some of these lessons were learned the hard way… others were learned from just living life the best way I know how. Others still at my grandfathers knee, and my grandmothers kitchen.

Regardless of how they were learned… they are the lessons; the legacy i will pass down to my children and their children.

What’s something you’ve learned you plan to pass down to your kids?

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy birthday! Since I was about 35 my husband has been sending me flowers on my birthday with a card that says “Happy 29th Birthday”. (I’ll be 47 later this month.) I get a lot of strange looks from co-workers.

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