Superhero he is not…

Around 9 o’clock Thursday night the phone rang. I looked at caller ID and see the name of Little Man’s facility… Weird, it’s too late for him to have phone time, and last we knew he was on Red and not allowed any phone calls or visits. We answered the phone with trepidation…

Miss Nurse says: Shawn? This is Miss Nurse at Little Man’s Place… He’s had a bit of an accident, and requires stitches. We need your permission for the procedure.

Mr. M – What happened? How bad is this?

Miss Nurse: Well, apparently he was jumping up in his doorway and hit his forehead on the frame… he needs eight stitches.

Shawn – jumping up in the… are you kidding me? Wow – he is getting tall! (At last visit – he was already 6 ft… approaching 6′ 1 rapidly!!) Of course do the stitches… it’s what he needs!

Miss Nurse – Yes, jumping in the doorway, he’s almost 6′ 2 now, grew an inch last week! Thank you Shawn – we’ll talk to you later.

So – Shawn gets off the phone and is giggling, then he repeats the conversation to me… I giggle, and wonder just why LM was jumping up and down in the door way. We figured we would ask when they called us on Friday from Mr. M’s office.

We were eager to get the ‘gory details’ from Little Man when he finally called around noon on Friday. Apparently, the nurse had it all wrong… he wasn’t jumping up and down in the doorway… oh no – not Little Man, that’s too mundane for his tastes… Little Man was diving from his bed through the doorway!!!

Apparently his Super Powers were not enough to propel him safely through the gauntlet and he hit the door frame right at the hairline of his forehead. He had eight stitches, and now brags about his battle scar… He also stated that he would not be attempting that particular jump again, however if he tries from the other side of the room, he won’t get hurt.

Ahhh… Little Man, we love you!


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