Weekly Wrap Up

Oh wow – it’s that time again! Sunday is here!!! Now it’s time for the weekly wrap up.

This week in SetinMyWays land:

  • My grandson has taken up a lot of time this week – and I’m loving every minute of it! We were able to get some GREAT deals at Salvation Army for a high chair and a few toys. Now to get a crib and mattress and we’re set for baby!
  • Our Guy has a girlfriend! And he got his first kiss yesterday… today I’ve been singing “I kissed a girl” to him… he’s not impressed. I’m not sure if it’s embarrassment at the kiss or my singing… LOL
  • Cooking for this brood has become an Art Form in itself – as such I will be adding a new feature to the blog this week. Each week from our family dinner menu I will post one recipe – possibly with photos. The recipe will be an adapted version of things I cook all the time that are tried and true kid-pleasers. Hopefully, this will help other large families cook to please a crowd!
  • I have discovered that tattoos don’t hurt as bad as some folks (Our Girl) make it out to be. My girls and I now have matching flowers drawn by Our Girl – tattooed by Jackie. Mine looks wonderful now with it’s deep blue and purple petals. I’m very proud of how well it turned out. Our Girls (don’t judge – I know she’s only 17) is a very pretty blue/red/yellow combo. Shawn got a “Rasta Turtle” playing a flute on his shoulder that’s just awesome!
  • So my camera is still out for repairs and I can’t take pictures of anything… this is not making me happy – I’m missing SO much!!!
  • The last showing of the house apparently did not pan out as we’ve not heard a word from our Realtor…. no news in this biz is NOT good news. So…again we are faced with a setback. At this point we’re leaning now toward everyone getting a seasonal job in hopes that things will pick up soon.
  • There is supposed to be a new tax software support office coming to our town – if this is true, I am in there for a job – this company consistently follows my former employer to towns where they shut down/move offices and hires their ‘leftovers’. Most of the time these are just GREAT employees who either couldn’t make a move or were phased out of the company. Either way, it’s an awesome company, and NO corporate BS – family owned and operated!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed – if i can get this job we won’t have to move!!!

So that’s it for my wrap up – Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

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