Friday Follow – 40 and Over, 9-3

Yep! Another Friday accomplished.

A week with my grandson. Here are a few things I’ve learned after a week with 13 month old… for the first time in 19 years:

  1. Babies do not get tired so much as they ‘wind down’.
  2. A rocking chair and Dr. Seuss are still all I need to  calm a fussy baby.
  3. It takes a baby about 2 days to realize just exactly who grandma is… and what she is good for.
  4. It takes said baby all of about 2 seconds to realize that Pop-Pop is a source of all things fun and happy… and a few things mommy said no about.
  5. The laughter of a baby is the sweetest music a grandmother needs.
  6. They have a MUCH larger selection of baby toys now… and they’re a LOT more expensive.
  7. You get a lot of love out of a baby!
  8. Bath time hasn’t been so much fun in years, also I’ve not been this clean in a long time.

As you can tell – I am really enjoying having my baby here with her baby!

Happy Friday!!!


4 thoughts on “Friday Follow – 40 and Over, 9-3

  1. Oh this was GREAT! I usually don’t like reading people’s blogs about their grandkids but this one really touched me. I also noticed all those amazing toys out there – my son still says ‘Wow, wish they’d had that when I was a kid” and he’s 28!

  2. i can’t wait to be a grandmother. is that crazy talk or what?

    just came by to say…
    thanks for stopping by on my sits day, a day that i needed just a WEEEE bit of extra love 🙂 ur awesome!!!!

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