Am I having a midlife crisis?

So… in just seven days I will be 44 years young… not quite 45, somewhat of a milestone… supposedly “half-way” or whatever. I find that since I hit 40 three years ago – it’s just another number. I really don’t see myself as old. At least not my grandma’s kind of old anyway. I guess to my 16 and 17 year old, 44 sounds like a lifetime away… almost 30 years. To my 20 something kids, it probably just seems like something they have to look forward to – the age by which they will be comfortable. I guess the older you get, the less age seems to really matter.

When I turned 30, I got my belly-button pierced. Yes, I know – a silly, teenage thing to do. But it was something I really, really wanted – something I was told I could not ever do… and well, when I got the freedom to do so, I did it.

Fast forward 13 years, and now I’ve gone and done something else wild, crazy, and probably a little childish. I wonder if I really am having a midlife crisis… But then again – who really cares? After all, this was something I’ve wanted to do since I was 17 years old and just never got to do it… something I’ve wanted for a long time… and something very special in a couple of ways…

So… by now you’re probably asking what I’ve gone and done… I guess I would be wondering too… so, without prolonging the suspense any longer…





Right now, it’s hard to see that it is a blue flower. The flower has a yellow center, and deep purple highlights – when my camera gets returned to me, I’ll get better pics, or if I get the video edited before then I’ll post that too…

So why is this silly thing on my leg so special? Well, it’s special because both of my girls were involved in this tat! Our Girl drew the original flower design, and Jackie did the tattoo. She also did one for Shawn, which I’ll get photos/video of up soon!

So… I may or may not be having a midlife crisis. Frankly, I think it was just something I’d wanted for a long time, and finally got the opportunity to do. I do know that I love my artwork… It only took about an hour, and it was not nearly as painful as I thought that it would be!

Well – what do you think? Am I having a midlife crisis???


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