Another friggin birthday??? C’mon already!

It seems like just a week since I made the Hello Kitty zombie cake… It seems like only last month I was preparing a giant cupcake for Little Man… and just a few months ago I made a lovely cake for Our Guy… and the week before I dolled up a cake for Our Girl… but alas – I am mistaken… Last month I made HK zombie – in December the cupcake, and last September Our Girl and Our Guy both!

SO… it is time again for ANOTHER birthday around here. We have three (if you count my parents)  in January, one in March, two in April, one in July, one in August, and THREE in September, then nothing until December when we have one.

It seems like someone is ALWAYS getting older around here! It makes me older just thinking about it…

BUT – Our Girl turns 17 tomorrow – and in a week… I will be 44 GASP – then the week after… Our Guy will be 16!

This is a BUSY  time for me… AND to top it off, we’re showing the house this afternoon… meaning I’ve got to stop complaining about birthday’s, get a shower, dress the baby – and skeedaddle!

Have a wonderful day!


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