Weekly Wrap Up

Well, here  it is… Sunday! Time for the weekly wrap up and an update about what’s been going on around here all week.

Whew – it has been a week, let me tell you.

  • On Monday, we met with Our Guy’s school to determine how he’s doing so far – and I must say he is doing rather well. He redid all of the EOCT (end of course tests) and raised all of them by at least 5 points putting him at and WAY above grade level in all subjects.  His reading score was the most awesome – level 16.9 that’s the same level as a college SENIOR!
  • Our Girl will be 17 this coming week! 17… be still my heart. Her daddy is losing his mind. He doesn’t know what to do about this situation, his baby girl is growing up, and he can’t deal with that! Anyway – given the financial situation, and the addition of 3 more people to the house, we aren’t going to be able to do a lot – but A (the boyfriend) wants to have a party for her. He is paying for the food, drink, and entertainment (such as it may be) – we just need a place to do it. He may do it at his place – or we might do it here… all depends.
  • Our Guy is on his first real sleepover this weekend. He went to a friends for the entire weekend and was so excited about it! He called this afternoon to check in, and informed me that they were having steak for dinner. He is having such a good time, and for the first time in his almost 16 years he feels confident about making friends. I’m proud of him…
  • Speaking of such – Our Guy will be 16 in two weeks. His father still wants to shelter him – as do I to an extent, but even I have had to remind his dad that he is almost 16, and he’s got to loosen up a little bit.
  • In case you’ve missed it the last couple of days… my grandson is now here with me. His parents needed some help to get on their feet, and were in not so great circumstances – so they came to stay with us. She will be getting her GED and I’m hoping we can get him to work. It’s good to have them here… I enjoy them all so much!
  • Jonathan is still carrying nearly a 4.0 average in his  classes at school!
  • Our Girl met with the folks from the online high-school she will be attending this year. She is pretty excited about it and anxiously awaiting the e-mail from the school for her “trial class” they use to determine how well she can handle doing school online. We are confident that this is the best course for her – and her advisors think so too! We’re excited because they’re fully accredited as a high-school so she will receive a diploma not a GED as they do with home-schooling.

Well – that’s it, my week in a nutshell. It’s been a whilwind of activity and chaos – and so far I’m doing well. No excess pain, meaning no flare-up has been triggered! I’m pretty glad about that – I want to be able to play with my grandson, not watch him from across the room!


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