Baby on Board

Wow, guys – I had forgotten how all consuming having a little one in the house could be! I have not had a moment that he’s not been captivating my attention from the second I laid eyes on him! He slept in my room last night, mommy was tired from the trip – and stress, so we decided to let her sleep in.

JJ and I got up and had breakfast and watched a little Disney channel before the rest of the crew drug themselves out of bed. Our girl was first, prompted by JJ’s loving tugs on her hair… then grandpa got up – and when he did… oh we were in for a treat!

Yep, he and grandpa had a frozen strawberry bar. It was wonderlicious!

It even went very well with our Strawberry milk…

It was all in all an enjoyable morning, we played and hung around until lunch time, and then ate a great lunch and took a nap.

By the time our nap was over, we were raring to go, and mommy was up! The day has been so very wonderful for me. I’m spending time with my grandson – and my daughter! Having her here is just amazing!

We are bunkering in for the weekend now – things will get rolling again on Monday, for now I am going to hang out with this awesome little boy I know…


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