Friday Follow 8/27

And here we go!

Yes it is Friday! I’m excited today!!! Why? Elizabeth? What has happened to make you so happy, did you sell the house?? (you may ask) –

No, dear readers, we did not in fact sell to these buyers. They wanted the land, and were only willing to pay for the land – $12,000… so. not. happening. We’re selling a house – not land. You want the land, you buy the house.

New buyers will come along – these just weren’t the right ones at the right time! So… then why are you so stinkin’ excited???

Why indeed…

My youngest daughter (natural child – try to stay with me here), Jacalyn and her husband are going to be here this afternoon – with my grandson! I can’t wait ya’ll! I’m gonna get some uninterrupted grandma time with my boy… and some very necessary time with my daughter – time we were cheated out of when she was younger.

So… I’m off to hit the road – we have a 3 hour drive to meet them!

Happy, Happy Friday ya’ll!!!


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