Monday Minute 8/23

Yep it’s that time again!

Monday Minute

Heather and Melissa are our new hostesses for the Monday Minute – so hop on over there and show the love!

This weeks Monday Minutes questions are brought to you by Not Your Average Single Mama! Her blog is great, and these questions rock!

Favorite 80’s Flick –

Oh seriously? I have to pick ONE? Ya’ll that’s just not fair! I can’t pick just one, but I do have two that have forever touched me, that I will watch until I die –

The Breakfast Club

Cover of

Cover of The Breakfast Club

and St. Elmos Fire – also Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Pretty in Pink, The Lost Boys, and Sixteen Candles! Ok, Ok, more than just one, way more than two… I’ll stop!

One genre of music needs to be banned. Which genre?

This one is easy… Scream Metal!

All time favorite candy?

This one is easy too! Chewy Sweet Tarts!!!

*How ‘flawed’ is your driving record?

Actually, my driving record is pretty flawless. I have not been in an accident that was my fault since I ran over Grandma’s mailbox the DAY I got my permit!

*What was high school mascot?

Two different schools in HS – so my first mascot Freshman and Sophomore year was the Sentinel, junior and Senior year? The Panther! Go purple pride!

What color socks are you wearing?

Ok – you caught me… I hate socks – I never, ever wear them unless I have to – I like slides and flipflops… no socks needed!

So that’s it for the Monday Minute! Have a Great Monday – and don’t forget to show the love to the wonderful sponsors and supporters of the Monday Minute!


12 thoughts on “Monday Minute 8/23

    • OH I would never forget dear Patrick! Also – My ex-hubby’s ex-wife, who happened to become a good friend of mine (yes, weird but true) was the leg double for Jennifer Gray – the movie was filmed not very far at all from where I lived in North Carolina!

  1. Ferris was totally my top choice but, Breakfast Club is just classic. Gotta love it! And, I’m totally with ya on the screaming metal that I don’t even consider music!

    Stoppin’ by from MM! Happy Monday!

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