Saturday Special

Hi all! It’s Saturday!!! YAY!

So we showed our house yesterday – and no, I don’t know yet how we did or if they’re still interested… I guess we’ll find out Monday… anyway – we had to make ourselves scarce for a couple of hours, because it wouldn’t do to have Grace, Kit, and Footy following people around yapping and nipping at them while they decided whether to buy this place or not.

So we took to the neighboring state of Alabama and headed to the Blue Hole – Little River Canyon…

Guys, this place is phenomenal! Aside from a LONG walk to get there, treacherous rocks to climb down to get there, and having to either A. slide down a waterfall or B. JUMP to get in the water – we really had a great time…

And before you ask – Yes, I did get in the water… I even jumped in! Not from the highest point, or even the mid point – but I did jump in! Much to the amazement of my kids, they didn’t think I would do it – and then suddenly – BAM, mama’s in the water!

Of course there is no photographic proof that I was in the water – because so was everyone else. But I did take a few shots that I thought I would share with you guys:


Meanwhile this was waiting for me:

Yep, I came DOWN that slope, to be faced with this:

If you squint, you can see the water through the trees waaaaaaay down at the bottom of this hill.

Yep… they went too – All three did so well on the trip that we plan to take them again – however, we are going to choose something that takes less rock climbing to get to next time!

The kids jumped…

Heck, even Shawn jumped. One of the dogs TRIED to jump, but we stopped her just in time.

Then… after a while of things like playing in the waterfall:

Or hiding in it:

Playing with the dogs:

Or getting out – to get back in…

Everyone really had a great time:

It was beautiful, and we had the place to ourselves… so it was peaceful as well!

(If you count three loud teenagers, three barking dogs and three adults trying to control it all… peaceful) *sigh*

Although, I wouldn’t try to go without taking the kids, or at least someone younger… and fitter than myself to make sure I made it alright. I was very impressed with A… all the way down he was one step ahead of me picking the best way down and giving me a hand when I needed it for balance. Part of the way I had to carry Footnote because he was a tiny bit afraid of the steep drops going down. On the way up, he just ran like crazy and wanted me to hurry up.

It was fun, but today – I am sore in places I had forgotten. I am sure that I will pay for this dearly later. It was worth it – the photos (and I have not shared them all… I’m saving some for another post) alone made it worth while – but when you add the priceless joy of watching your kids have so much fun… it is the greatest experience. I’m just glad I didn’t drop the camera in the water or on the rocks!

Happy Saturday!


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