Oh… you know you’re waiting for it too…

Fall that is! You know – the leaves start to turn, the air seems cooler, fresher somehow. The nights begin to cool even more, and the days seem to be getting a little shorter. School is in session and we’re all glad for that!

So now comes the time when the meals turn from light simple fare made for dead of summer ninety degree nights…

Now it’s time for heartier things… and of course – sweet things! Fall fruits and vegetables ripe and ready for the eating, or baking.

When I think of fall – I think of caramel apples, the county fair, and grandma’s apple pie. I have yet to recreate the simple goodness that was my grandmothers pie.

Apple pie has been consumed in England since t...

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She added just the right touch of everything to make it come out just perfect – such a delicate balance of cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar that made the apples seemingly melt in your mouth as you ate. And her home made pie crusts were always light, flaky, and deliciously perfect.

Mine generally turn out like wet dough on the bottom, and something resembling an automobile accident on the top. God forbid I try a lattice top crust… It would burn – I speak from experience that was NOT so wonderful, with cherries.

I hope that one day, I too will be able to create the deliciousness that was my grandma’s apple pie!  I mean, seriously – I can do things with chocolate, flour, butter, and sugar that make my family delight in my cooking! And it’s just the way I remember it from grandma’s kitchen.

Still, I will continue to attempt to recreate perfection – and one day I will bite into that pie and see my grandma in my kitchen!

This post is the August 17 blog challenge, part of the:

Where Moms Who Blog Go!Write a post about your favorite Fall Food{s}.  Describe their preparation, their tastes.  When and where do you normally enjoy these treats?  Do you make them at home or purchase them at a fair or festival.  What makes them memorable?


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