Friday Follow

Yep, it’s Friday again! You know what that means?!? It means that today is the last day of the school week for Our Guy. He is really enjoying his time in high-school, for which we are truly thankful!

Also – this week Friday means we have a serious buyer coming to look at the house. It’s apparently a long-haul trucker who wants to buy his daughter a house. Cool, no? I thought so!

Friday also means that Thursday is over, and I can forget that yesterday’s trip to the laundromat ever happened. I mean, all things considered it really wasn’t that bad. No worse than washing a months worth of laundry for five people in 98

Taken by Hinode's Solar Optical Telescope on J...

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degree heat could really be.

It was hot… really hot.

By the time I was done, my pony tail was dripping! Thank goodness I had 3 inches cut off my hair last week – that would have been a nightmare!

Friday also means that after the house is clean and ready to be shown, we have to take three little dogs and make ourselves scarce. We’re taking them swimming… I AM bringing my camera ya’ll… this ought to be interesting!

So, if you are Over 40 – Blogging – and interested in meeting others like you, then you need to pop on by Never Growing Old and join the fun!

Happy Friday!!!

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