One thing…

As part of the Bloggy Mom’s writers workshop, this post is about one thing in my house that has meaning to me or someone else.

I thought about this, and I have several things that have meaning… things I’ve talked about before like my granddaddy’s books, or my great-grandmother’s china.

Then I thought some more. I have lots of things passed down by relatives – it’s really amazing the stuff I have.

For instance, I have copies of the Sanford, Florida and Washington, D.C. newspapers from the day Challenger went down. My aunt and uncle worked for NASA at the time, so it was a big deal to us.

I also have a commemorative certificate signed by all of the astronauts from the Apollo moon walk mission. It is to my uncle in thanks for his help on the mission. I have a Zippo lighter with the seal for the mission, and my uncles jacket with all of his mission patches. Ya’ll… Red October? It was REAL… and he worked on the project! Of course it didn’t really go down exactly the way Tom Clancy wrote about it… but it did go down.

Because they had such cool jobs, they also traveled to, and lived in many awesome places. They were stationed on the last M. A. S. H. base in Korea. They lived in Quito, Ecuador and the island of Guam. From each of these locations my aunt sent me a doll. They were always locally made, and hand crafted. Some came in glass cases, broken long ago. Some were just on stands. A couple have found there way to the grave… but I still have two that I dearly love, and will never ever part with.

It’s a Korean Bridal couple. They are both on separate stands and a dressed in very brightly colored clothing. They actually seem to be dancing… I have pictures of them somewhere, I’ll post them later if I find them –  but they’re packed so there is no chance of me taking any!

I would be totally devastated if something happened to my remaining dolls! They are a precious gift that I will treasure forever, and will pass down to my oldest daughter in time. For now they’re safe and sound tucked away.

What about you, do you have a special object that you treasure? Share it below in your comments, I would love to hear about it!


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