Saturday Sampling

I am not sure where this post will go, but I thought I would just jot down a few random things as I sit here in the cool quiet of a rainy Georgia Morning. Everyone here is still asleep, the only sounds I hear are the quiet drone of  the fans as they push the rain cooled air around, and the goldfinches in the back yard as they flit from bush to flower seeking the perfect seed.

I am sitting at my dining room table, and from here I can see the laundry waiting for me to take it to the laundry mat. I can also see my abandoned workspace, left empty and ignored since the heat wave – with little airflow it’s a sauna in the summer time.

But – the other thing I see, the thing that captures my attention and causes me to write nonsense, or just stop writing all together – is the window.

The lovely little window I glance up at and see a pretty little robin hopping across the yard. I see my cat, stalking said robin – relax, this isn’t Nat Geo, the cat is not on form today – no bird for breakfast.

I hear the finches and see the bright yellow flashes as they dash about on the remains of my sons sunflowers. I see rain drops dripping from the branches of the pecan tree, in whose fruit I have yet to partake in three years… Even in the overcast gray of a rainy morning, the world looks fresh and washed clean. Things smell better. The air feels damp and clings to your skin adding a layer of moisture in the dry August heat. A slight breeze occasionally fans the tree tops and makes them sway, which brings the sound of rain falling to the leaf littered ground below.

Occasionally I glance up and see a blue-jay fly by in a furious race to get the best seed. I am reminded of watching these amazingly aggressive birds take down a bob cat that was worrying their nest. One of my most treasured and amazing memories…

Today I feel good. I am hopeful for a comfortable, conflict free day. I have aspirations for the day, that now, while its cool and quiet seem like wonderful ideals and very doable prospects. I maintain and timid hope that this cloud cover remains in place all day, to blanket us with a layer of protection from the too hot sun that has scorched our fair town with 100+ degree heat for 7 long days now.

I see the goldfinch now, he’s in the pecan tree right outside my window. It’s a beautiful sight, that requires my full attention right now… I’m not even going to look for batteries for the camera… some moments just have to be lived.

Happy Saturday!


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