Another Friday-Follow!

Another Friday, and another Friday Follow, 40 and Over! YAY!!!

The end of the week has come, and apparently here in NW Georgia, so has the heat wave at least temporarily… all I can say is thank God. It could not have come soon enough, this break in the oppressive, life sucking heat. We have two window units that I bought last year in May, just in time for last year’s record temps of 100+ degrees. This year, they’re just not as good as they were before, and they aren’t doing the job. Then there is the fact that they’re both leaking all over my floor!

The one in the living room isn’t too bad, because there is no carpet for the water to soak. It’s wood floors – I can set down a catch pan and mop once a day and it takes care of itself. The other one? Well, it’s in my room, right next to my bed… and it is unmercifully soaking my carpet… and anything else that gets in the general vicinity of the floor near it.

Now, mind you this carpet is so not something I’m in love with… matter of fact, it’s gross and old and I’m ready to rip it out… regardless of whether we sell. The carpet is NOT a selling point… and it would leave a buyer the ability to see the under floor for what it really is. Of course I’m pretty sure that’s just plywood – but honestly, anything has got to be better than squishy carpet at 3 am. Right?

So I’m hoping that tomorrow, before it gets so hot we cannot breath – we can unload the furniture in the bedroom and rip out the offending nastiness on my floor. Then I can go do laundry, and hopefully be home to enjoy grilled chicken by 7pm. I hope… this is the plan anyway… we’ll see how that goes.

Everyone tells me I have to turn the units off for about 24 hours to let them thaw and reset to stop the leaking… that didn’t work. I’ve cleaned them – I’ve readjusted them in the window… I’ve done it all – and to no avail, they still leak. We had to turn the living room unit off tonight, because it just wasn’t pumping any air at all. Thankfully we got some rain and the outside temp went from 101 to 85 in about 30 minutes time. Now it’s a tolerable 77 or so in here, and with a fan or two it’s not so bad. I only hope the unit isn’t totally kaput – tomorrow is supposed to get HOT again… but with a welcome rain break in the late afternoon… we shall see!

Hope you had a pleasant Friday!

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