Weekly Wrap-Up

Whew… let me tell you guys, it’s been a freakin’ roller coaster of a week this week. I really honestly thought that I would have a nervous breakdown before it was all over… but here we are, on Sunday – and I’ve still not been committed! YAY me!

Here’s a little sample of  my week:

  • Our unemployment stopped on June 20. We have not received a payment since. The 4th tier benefits were signed and disbursed, we were supposed to get $1500 back pay and then current payments until November. We paid all the bills with the $700 we did get, and then waited patiently for the current benefits to come… all week, when normally, the check is posted no later than Wednesday!!! On Friday, I was in a panic – and made the DH go down there to find out what was going on… especially after I looked on the site and it showed three weeks unpaid, and that he needed to go to the office to fix it. Well, he did, apparently we are now back to State benefits as opposed to Federal and he had to sign the change over – we now expect his back pay and regular payment by Wednesday of this week… good thing too – because the water will be turned off on Thursday if not! Thank God for miracles!!!
  • We got our Freshman, Our Guy, enrolled in school and he’s really excited to start tomorrow. Hopefully by Friday, we’ll have everything he needs for school clothing and supply wise!
  • I will be homeschooling Our Girl this year, at least until we sell the house. She won’t attend school here anymore due to issues with other students and stuff. Granted, she did bring most of her social problems on herself – but nobody should have to endure bullying and torture every single school day. The administration turns a blind eye to it, blame it on her, or deny that it’s happening… and we’re not going to make her go back. Technically, at 16 (17 in 2 weeks *gasp*) she can quit of her own volition… but if I can prove that I’m homeschooling her, then she can continue to get her education while we sell this house. Our guy hasn’t had any problems like hers with the other kids, so it’s safe to say the high-school won’t be too bad for him.
  • My son, Jon started back to school this week too – he’s very happy to be studying again, but I must say, he’s got a heavy course load this term!
  • I managed to make it through last month on $329 for food for 5 people. Yes, that’s food stamps… don’t judge! Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the program, they require you report changes within 10 days, and they in return adjust your amount based on those changes. So… when the unemployment stopped, we let them know… and nothing changed! This month came around and suddenly we had NO money, and only $329 again to feed everyone… I was really upset. We went to the grocery store and spent $80 on what I would MAKE last a week, but should really only be 2-3 days… DH decided to call (by decided I mean I nagged him until he called) and lo’ and behold the worker had “forgotten” to get it into the system on time! They deposited additional funds to the account immediately, and we’re all set grocery wise for the month! Of course it will go down again once we have the regular check coming in, and that’s fine, I’d rather pay cash for groceries, but right now… right now we need the help and I’ve put 25 years of my life into working and paying my taxes just so that when situations like this arise, I can have the help I need to get by.
  • Our good friends Crystal and Starr moved this weekend. Our guy and Jon helped them out and it was reported that Our Guy was wonderful! He helped take care of the kids while they were packing… then when they loaded/unloaded the truck he worked his butt off – and didn’t complain once! We are so pleased to hear that he was able to maintain socially, in a situation where people were telling him what to do. That gives us great hope that he’s going to be able to keep his ODD under control enough to get out of  the Spec. Ed. classes at school – and hopefully into the Honors program where he belongs!
  • Last but not least… we heard from Little Man on Friday. He held Green for three whole weeks ya’ll! The therapist and everyone were very, very proud of him! He did such a great job of maintaining his level. But… then some kid said something about me, and he tried to choke him… I’m sure it was more along the lines of LM said something to the kid and the kid said “Your Mama” and LM lost it. That dropped him back down to low yellow. It will take him another week to regain Green, but we’re all hopeful that he can do it again! He will need to maintain Green for TWO weeks in a row, solid, before he can be considered for Blue. Blue is “going home” level. Once he reaches blue, he has to maintain it for six weeks without dropping down to green at all before he can be considered to go home! We’re praying daily that this will happen for him… that we are on the road we need to be on. We had a great conversation on the phone… and it was nice to hear him talking lucidly and being positive for a change. Unfortunately, that only spread to me and his sister; when he talked to his dad and brother it was the same as any other call. He’s working through whatever he needs to and things are starting to change… slowly… for that we are grateful.

Whew… I am worn out typing all of that! I guess it’s time for me to go take a nap! Happy Sunday everyone!

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