Well – here we are.

It is Wednesday… I did my Monday Minute post, and nobody’s heard from me since… *guess what? It’s cause I wasn’t here!  LOL and today – I want to talk about cake… ok? cool!

I’ve actually been recovering the last couple of days from a flare-up, most likely brought on by making homemade fondant. For those of you who are not ‘into’ cakes… Fondant is that lovely, lovely icing you generally see on exceptionally expensive wedding cakes and such. Cake Boss and Duff use it all the time. Most people don’t even realize that the stuff isn’t frosting or icing at all.

Fondant is actually a soft, pliable (almost like rubber) sugar. It is made much like pizza dough, and is used in conjunction with frosting to ensure a perfect surface for the cake. I can usually get a  pre-made 5lb box of it at Wal-Mart for about $5.74, and it’s always perfectly ready to dye and use. However, it isn’t at all tasty. It tastes kind of like flour and sugar and it’s has a very rubbery feeling. Probably the preservatives.

Anyway – the stuff I make takes about five pounds of powdered sugar, water, and marshmallow cream. Yep, that’s it… and it’s tasty – so important  for a cake, don’t you think?

I did this cake for my daughters 15th birthday


The top layer is covered in fondant with no icing underneath. The second layer has icing under the fondant. This was done intentionally, to give a “snow field” effect. I think it actually worked out!

The Koi Fish in the pond were made with Gum Paste. The writing is indeed Japanese, and it says Happy Birthday. I had a co-worker who spoke, read, and wrote fluent Japanese and he helped me with the template.

The Cherry Blossoms were shaped from Fondant, as were the branches, rocks and bamboo. I actually used real bamboo skewers as a base for them. Even the pond is fondant. I would have loved to have used sugar glass, but I really am not set up for that kind of work.

So, you have learned absolutely nothing, except that I LOVE to make ‘special’ cakes for my kids… and other people’s kids… this wasn’t the first time I made my friends daughter a cake… I did this one three years ago:

Jack Skellington and his ghostly dog… IF by some strange chance you don’t know who Jack Skellington is… first go here and read, then go here (or somewhere) and buy the movie! You must see it!!!

Then last year – this one was Our Girl’s sweet 16:

It was actually supposed to be much more elaborate, and was the night before her birthday perfect. The black layer was not smashed and ruffled… the bottom pink layer was nearly an inch taller… and the top layer was actually supposed to set on support columns.

But… because my daughter’s cat decided to nap ON the cake box during the night (when he wasn’t supposed to be in) everything was decidedly… shall we say, flat? in the morning… including the fondant shoes that were the cake topper. I was not a happy camper, those shoes took a total of 7 hours to make!!!

So yeah… I’m kind of in recovery from cake overload this week. Please, forgive me?


2 thoughts on “Well – here we are.

  1. Browsing comments on SITS today, and I found your blog. Those cakes are gorgeous! I especially love the cherry blossom one. And I had often wondered about that fondant stuff, whether it was edible or tasted good.

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