An Update of Sorts…

So, yeah we were offline again… no money, again – seems like the story of my life. However, things are smoothing out, unemployment was reinstated this week, so we can survive. And, one of my bestest friends in the wide old world Amos daughter turned 18 Friday. She is a sweetie, and I love making birthday cakes for her… I got to  make her cake for her 15th birthday too…

Yep, that’s Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas fame.


So this year, being her 18th, and her “theme” being Zombie Walk what better cake than Zombie Hello Kitty…

I mean, as far as Zombies go – Hello Kitty ya’ll… I’m just sayin’.


And then there were lame things going on, like melting marshmallows, making Fondant, and generally slaving for 12 hours. To get this:


And of course, how could this post be complete without showing you the result of all my hard work, right?



In other news, well… there really isn’t much in the way of other news. I’m not sure what’s what right now, getting things sorted, sold, and prepared… and waiting.

We did hear one good tidbit of news on Monday of last week, the folks that own the place across the street have a family member interested in the property. She wants to tear the house down and build a new one… which is all good for us – they can have at, as long as we get a payday. It would be nice if we could just sell to her, and be done and moving soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ll be back on my normal schedule on Monday… whew, seems like I’ve been gone forever!


One thought on “An Update of Sorts…

  1. Lots of interesting stuff goin on here I see. Love to hear more about it. recipes…party theme…kids in costume? so on. love also your blog

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