It’s Saturday!

I don’t know what I’m blowing my horn about – I really don’t care particularly what day it is…

That’s one of the benefits of being a SAHM – I don’t have to really keep track of these long, lazy summer days. You know, I’d like to say that we spend our summers with days filled with fun, games, and family time. We get a lot of family time, and we do have fun – but we limit our gaming to the computers or Xbox.

I’m not kidding 😉

All in all it’s been a pretty good summer. But now that it is coming to a close, and the kids have to go back to school in two weeks, we are faced with a conundrum. We do not want to  will not send Our Girl back to school here. Our Guy isn’t an issue, he’ll bloom where he’s planted. Things won’t be the hell for him they will be for her.

You see, she and her boyfriend got in a little trouble at the technical school near the end of the year. *Our high school partners with the local college to offer preparatory classes for the special needs students.* Lets just say it was behavior unfit for school. They got caught by another student. It made it back to school before she did. She was sent to “Alternative school” for the last month of school. She’s supposed to spend a month there, and then transition back to her normal routine afterward.

That’s our dilemma, the kids here, especially the girls, have been horribly cruel to Our Girl. They started this when she was in the fifth grade. It has been persistent and continuous. She has been bullied, threatened, and falsely accused. And punished for it. When we put the house on the market, we thought that she was going to get to start her Junior year at a new school, away from all these awful kids. Now it looks pretty bleak.

I think she’s going to start her Junior year as a home-schooler… and we’ll see what happens. It’s not like we can’t handle it. I did this once before, and actually got her jumped a grade! I have resources and support, and I know what she needs to know to graduate here – which changes when we move… but its enough to get us going. Biggest benefit: she won’t have to learn math the way they teach it here… Our schools were included in a five year pilot program for a new way of teaching math skills in high-school. So far as we’ve seen… it sucks. I can teach math the good old fashioned way!

Wish me luck! I’ve got a lot of planning to do.


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