Yesterday, in a turn of  unusual circumstances, Little Man called. His substitute therapist only makes patient calls on Friday, whereas Mr. M makes these calls on Wednesday. Mr. M has been on vacation for two weeks now.

We spent a few minutes chatting, and then – out of the middle of nowhere, Little Man says “Guess what, Dad”? Now, we know that this could be a loaded question… but there was an excitement in his voice – this was something real…

“What LM”? Dad asked… waiting for the other shoe to drop…

“I got GREEN!!!”

“What?” I saw the look of surprise on the hubs face, it was priceless… Stunned he was!

“I got G.R.E.E.N.! Which means if you come to see me, I can leave campus…. AND I get three phone calls a week now, instead of just two!”

Yes, folks – the elusive Green level has been achieved. We cannot be prouder. We also know some cold  hard facts, that we have to take into consideration:

  • Little Man made Green yesterday – Green can be lost at a moments notice, while this achievement is a milestone we must stay focused on the overall goal; therefore we will reserve our par-tay for when he hangs onto it for a week.
  • Little Man achieved Green during the week he has not had a roommate. His former roomie went on dispo this week – so he was alone in his room. Nobody there to pick at, nobody there to fight with… no points losing distractions. It’s good to know that when he doesn’t have someone right there he does so well though. This would work perfectly if he were an only child. However, he has two siblings who have great big bulls-eyes painted on their heads. When he has a target to mess with and fuss at – he takes it.
  • Little Man achieved Green while he had a substitute therapist. While I am not doubting this therapists abilities, any parent of a special-needs child knows what my son is doing… he’s honeymooning. This is when someone puts on their “honeymoon” or very best behavior for someone who does not know them, typically a therapist, doctor, nurse or entire medical staff (don’t laugh – Little Man had done this at TWO stabilization stays). Typically the honeymooner (the patient) can only continue this behavior for so long, and then the act fails and the everyday behavior surfaces. Again – I think we’ll reserve the par-tay for when Mr. M returns, and Little Man continues to maintain his green level.

All in all, we are optimistic, this is the first time since his hospitalization in January that we’ve had a super report for him. Something that definitively says he’s making progress. We cannot be more thankful for that, it lets us know that he’s trying. And that is all we’ve ever wanted him to do.


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