When the phone rings on Wednesday

It’s usually around noon or so. And its always a test of nerves and fortitude.

When the phone rings on Wednesday, its usually Little Man on the other end. Little Man, as you may know, is currently in Residential Treatment for his PTSD, Paranoid Schizophrenia, and Bi-Polar disorder (to name a few).

We can expect one of two things when this call comes in…

1. Little Man is sullen and depressed because he’s “messed up” and either didn’t make or lost his level.

2. Little Man is beyond happy, because either he’s having a great day/week or because something totally funny happened to make him forget that he’s mad at us.

Most often it’s Number 1. Rarely do we get that second kind of phone call. But when we do… when we do it’s like magic.

Suddenly the sun is brighter, the sky is bluer, the grass a little greener. We can see clearly a goal, and we have a wide open path on which to travel to that goal. We see light at the end of the tunnel.

As a mom, it’s one of those moments… you know the ones… your heart swells with pride and you think “that’s MY boy/girl” doing those amazing things!

Little Man called a week ago, and was in a bit of a funk. He’d lost a level, been changed up on roommates again, and was just not doing well. I felt bad for him, even though I know he brings this stuff on himself with his behaviors.

While I was on the phone I reminded him that his continued misbehavior would prevent him from getting to go to a movie or out to eat when we come up.

My heart broke when he said “That’s ok  mom – I don’t have to go anywhere… as long as I can hang out with YOU.”

Now that’s a mom moment!

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This weeks prompts:

1.) Write about your wedding song. What was it and why did you choose it?
2.) A movie you probably should have previewed before letting your kids watch.
3.) We talk about mother’s guilt a lot…who needs it? Describe a good mom moment!
4.) Post a picture and a description that fits into this quote for you: “How far to heaven? Just open your eyes and look. You are in heaven” -Shankar
5.)Earthquake! Where were you when it happened?

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9 thoughts on “When the phone rings on Wednesday

  1. Such a heart breaking piece! And such a beautiful ending to it. There is nothing, nothing that can make a parent as happy as a child expressing love. I checked out the picture of your little man on your about page so I could picture him saying these words. I feel all tearful now.

  2. Your post just gives me chills. Although the struggles the my son faces are not to the same degree, I can appreciate the feeling of helplessness when you have to support them from afar and let them handle life’s ups and downs for themselves. Very humbling.

    Payoff: When they acknowledge that you love and support them unconditionally.

    You have a new follower. 🙂 Came over from Mama Kat’s.

  3. Your post made me both happy and sad. Sad because, as the mom of a child with bipolar disorder, I know what your going througgh. Happy because, as the mother of a bchild with bipolar disorder, you know I’m going through! Ikm looking to create a network for moms like us, I hope you get a chance to visit me at http://mommylebron.wordpress9om

  4. I have BP disorder II and never was treated when I was younger but know the importance of a parent really loving, accepting and being there for your child, esp. with a mental illness. My son also attended boarding school for his whole high-school and I remember how hard it was when I just couldn’t hug him when both he and I needed it. You sound like a really wonderful mother, just by showing up, loving and being there for your son.

    See you next time hopefully at Mama Kats “)

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