An Epic Battle…

In this corner, please welcome the contender! Weighing in at 4.3 pounds the Tiny Mauler (aka. Footnote) is ready for action!


In the other corner – the three time world champion! Bosco the Brawler!


This fight will go three rounds our until one or the other parties is KO’d.

And so it begins:


Footnote eyes his opponent from the safety of his mama’s lap…


SCORE: Footnote takes one!


Round two is scored again!


Finally the contender takes the prize and the former champ takes the walk of shame….

Which really makes me wonder if this sign is totally necessary:


Yeah… the realtor asked that we put these on the door – to prevent any lookers from letting in the monster…

If they only knew….

In other news – this one is the one to be afraid of:


Don’t let that innocent look fool you…. just look at the damage she can do:


Yeah… that angry sucker runs from the top of my thigh all the way down to below my knee on the BACK of my leg! OUCH!!!

And just FYI: Bandaid brand antiseptic wash in the “Pain Free” formula…. yeah – that crap HURT like hades when I used it on this bad boy!

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